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postheadericon Prospectus

Ofsted Registration No EY 252693

Charity No 1033653

Where learning is child’s play

Terriers Playgroup

St. Francis Church Hall

Amersham Road

High Wycombe



                            Mob: 07967 898285


Playgroup Supervisor:             Katherine Keep


Administrator:                         Mrs Debbie Green


Sessions:                                   Monday – Friday

                                                  9.30 – 12.30 pm



Fees per session:                      £16.00




At Terriers Playgroup we aim to provide a safe, happy, caring and stimulating environment in which children have the opportunity to learn new skills and progress towards the Early Learning Goals as set out by the Department for Education and Skills in the Early Years Foundation Stage framework.


We provide a well-balanced and broad curriculum to ensure that all children are able to learn and develop within an atmosphere of care and trust where each child is valued.


We recognise the vital role that parents play in their child’s education and we aim to build a friendly and effective partnership with parents/carers in order to help each child achieve their full potential.


We operate an equal opportunities policy for all children and their families.



To register your child on our waiting list, please complete our application form.



Fees are due at the start of each half term.  Fees are still payable if the child is absent owing to illness/holiday.  4 weeks notice is necessary if a child leaves playgroup during the term.  4  weeks fees will be charged in lieu of notice.

(Payment can be arranged on a weekly basis – please discuss with the supervisor)


We have government funding for 3/4 year olds, which is allocated termly according to age and availability of sessions.  The dates determining eligibility of a child for free sessions are set down by the Government in the SureStart Code of Practice.  They are:

A child born on or between Will become eligible for a free place from
1 April and 31 August 1 September following their third birthday
1 September and 31 December 1 January following their third birthday
1 January and 31 March 1 April following their third birthday

In exceptional circumstances, Terriers Playgroup reserves the right to charge a half terms fees in lieu of notice for funded children, if their place cannot be re-allocated, and Bucks County Council reclaim the funding for that child.


Children are entitled to up to 15 hours of funding per week. (ie 5 mornings)


We are also able to accept 2 year old funded children, however we do not offer a place until the child is 2 ½ years old..




CONSUMABLES FEE –  £10 for fee paying children per term.

We ask for a voluntary consumables fee to help with the purchase of kitchen roll, antiseptic wipes etc. If this fee is not charged a rota would have to be drawn up for parents to provide items weekly.



Various items of importance and interest are displayed on our notice board so please be sure to check this regularly.



We provide a drink of milk or water and a piece of fruit during the morning. Please let us know if your child is allergic to milk. We do not allow children to bring their own sweets into playgroup.



We encourage the children to learn by using different media, such as clay, glue, paint, water etc. As this will probably involve them getting messy, we ask that you dress your child in suitable clothing.

We try to use our garden area as much as possible during the year, so sunhats for the summer and coats and wellies for the colder weather are a good idea.




Playgroup tops are available to order..  There is the choice of a T-shirt,  sweatshirt, or a cardigan, in blue, with the playgroup logo on.


Wearing the tops is optional, however we believe doing so will:

  1. Help avoid damaging their favourite clothing
  2. Help them to feel part of the playgroup


At Terriers Playgroup we aim to encourage the children to have respect for others, both children and adults, and respect for the environment. We also encourage a sharing attitude and good manners. We do not administer any punishment that would hurt or humiliate a child, but if there is a need to issue a rebuke, our policy is to do so in a positive and constructive manner. If you have any queries or worries with regard to this then please do feel free to discuss it with a member of staff.



We ask that you let us know if your child will be absent from playgroup. In the case of illness, please telephone on the first morning of absence. Fees are payable even if your child is absent from playgroup. Children who receive government funding are expected to attend all booked sessions



Please take care when driving into the car park as the high walls at the entrance can obstruct your view. Please park in the car park and NOT the driveway, and keep hold of your children at all times.



We run a library at playgroup to allow children to take books home. Please record the books you borrow and the date you return them in the file provided.



9.30 – 9.35      Self-registration

9.35 – 12.00    Free play (with free access to the outside area whenever possible)

Between 10.00 and 10.30 children will be encouraged to participate in  group time if appropriate.

Between 10.30 and 12.00 the snack bar will be open.

Children are encouraged to help themselves to a drink and

a piece of fruit, and socialize with staff and friends.

12.00-12.10     Tidy up time

12.10-12.25     Singing/Story time

12.25               Handing out work.

12.30               Children collected.




Katherine Keep                       Cache level 3 Diploma in Pre-school Practice

Deputy Supervisor

Judy Wheeler                          N.N.E.B.


Matina Stretton                      Cache level 3 Diploma in Pre-school Practice

Flora Lau                                Open University Level 5 Foundation Degree in Early Years.

Sheraz Hussain                       Cache level 3  Diploma in Pre-school Practice

Lynn Calton                            Cache level 3 Diploma for the children and Young persons workforce

Flo Douglas                            Cache level 2 Certificate for the children and Young persons workforce

Lynn Grayell                          Cache level 2 Certificate in Pre-school Practice

Bushra Ali                              Cache level 2 Certificate in Pre-school Practice

Maria Harvey                         Bachelor of Education (Hons) in Early Years (3-9yrs)

Annette Powell


Debbie Green



Terriers Playgroup is a registered charity with a constitution recommended by the Pre-School Learning Alliance. We therefore have a committee responsible for the operation of the playgroup.

This committee is comprised mainly of parents/carers and we encourage as many as possible to join, as without a committee the playgroup would not be allowed to run.

Being a committee member is not an onerous task and it is a great way to be involved in your child’s first steps in education. It is also a good way to get to know other parents.



Terriers Playgroup has a comprehensive set of policies and procedures, including a complaints procedure, a copy of which is on the notice board. Please take the time to read them when your child starts at playgroup, as they give you valuable information and an insight into how the playgroup operates.



Terriers Playgroup uses the Development Matters section of the Early Years Foundation Stage framework to plan play based activities which will help all children progress towards the Early Learning Goals in the following seven areas of learning:


Prime Areas

Personal, Social and Emotional Development.

Communication and Language,

Physical Development,


Specific Areas



Understanding the world

Expressive Arts and Design


We plan to meet the diverse needs of all children and we offer a wide variety of activities to allow each child to make maximum progress towards these goals, which will be the foundation of their future learning.

Below are some examples of the equipment and activities we have for the children at playgroup; each one links with at least one of the areas of learning detailed above.


CLAY                                                                PLAYDOUGH

SAND (OUTSIDE)                                         WATER

HOME CORNER                                            SHOP

CONSTRUCTION TOYS                               CARS AND GARAGE

CLIMBING FRAME                                      TUNNEL

LIBRARY CORNER                                      DOLLS

DRESSING UP                                               FARM AND ANIMALS

WILD ANIMALS                                           DOLLS HOUSE

TRAIN SET                                                    BOXED GAMES

PUZZLES                                                       BIKES (OUTSIDE)

CUTTING AND GLUING                              CRAFT CORNER

COMPUTER                                                   ELECTRONIC TOYS


When a child first starts at playgroup the emphasis will be on learning through play. As the child gets older, and depending on each child’s individual needs and capabilities, more structured learning can become part of their playgroup morning.




Before your child starts at playgroup they will be assigned a member of staff as a keyperson.  During the enrolement session prior to admission you will have the opportunity to discuss the settling in process with your child’s keyperson, and together decide what will be best for your child, to ensure that they feel comfortable being left in our care..


A child’s ability to settle into the setting is influenced by their previous experiences. Therefore a child who has regularly been cared for outside the home is more likely to settle quickly than a child who has only been cared for by parents or very close family members.  A child who has English as an additional language is also more likely to need a longer settling in process, particularly where there is no-one in the setting who speaks their home language.


WE EXPECT YOU TO STAY WITH YOUR CHILD FOR AT LEAST THE FIRST MORNING, AND. WHEN YOU LEAVE THEM FOR THE FIRST FEW TIMES. THAT YOU COME BACK EARLY, GRADUALLY BUILDING UP TO A WHOLE SESSION. If you are worried about how your child is coping please feel free to phone to see how they are getting on.  If your child becomes distressed without you we will phone you to return earlier than arranged.


Please see our ‘settling in’ policy for more information.


We hope that the playgroup experience will be a positive start to your child’s education, helping them to be independent, responsible and considerate to the needs of others, as well as encouraging them to build relationships with other children and adults.


We look forward to welcoming your child to Terriers Playgroup.

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