“Both my children attended Terriers Playgroup. Jonathan only left in July and Olivia is in Year 3 at school now. Both made an easy transition into their Reception year because Playgroup had helped them gain the confidence and social skills needed to make friends, interact with groups of children and enjoy learning.

This is why Playgroup is so important, recent findings have shown that children who went to an Early Years setting do better at school, as it has a positive long term impact.”



“Thank you Terriers Playgroup for excellently preparing my son for primary school. He loved going to playgroup and had a great, fun and nurturing start to his education.
By the time he left he had gained confidence and learnt the social, self-care, independence, communication and learning skills he needed for a smooth transition into reception year.
He is now learning rapidly, exceeding some of the early learning goals and loving school! His teachers say that he is a pleasure to teach. This is all thanks to the hard work of all of his playgroup teachers.”



“All three of my children have attended Terriers Playgroup, and two out of the three were very anxious when they started, having not been left with anyone other than grandparents prior to this. The staff were amazing at settling them, reassuring both them and me! They all thoroughly enjoyed their time at playgroup, growing so much in confidence, and making some great memories, which they still talk about today. A great start to school life!”