What we do

At Terriers, we emphasise learning through play. We use the Development Matters section of the Early Years Foundation Stage framework to plan play-based activities which will help all children progress towards the Early Learning Goals. As a child gets older, and depending on each child’s individual needs and capabilities, more structured learning can become part of their playgroup morning.


In addition to singing/story time together, the children are encouraged to participate in group time and have plenty of opportunity for free play, during which they may like to get involved with activities such as:

Forest School


We are so proud of our Forest school that we gave it a separate page here


Creative Play


Drawing, colouring and painting

Modelling with clay and playdough

Construction toys

Physical and Tactile Play


Climbing frame and tunnels

Riding on the bikes

Exploring the sandpit

Playing with water

Imaginative and Social Play


Play in home corner or the shop

Dressing up
Playing with the cars and garage

Train set
Dolls and the doll house

Farm and animal toys

Literacy, Mathematics and Understanding the World


Library corner

Maths table

Boxed games and puzzles

Computer and electronic toys

Celebrating cultural events

We strongly encourage the children to learn skills which develop their independence. For instance, children quickly learn to take responsibility for registering themselves, looking after their belongings and helping to prepare the snacks and drinks which form part of every day life at Terriers Playgroup.